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Reasons to Switch by January 1, 2020

While it’s never too early to weigh your options, here are a few reasons why
most companies evaluating HR software will make the switch by January 1.



1. Start Fresh With Payroll 

Some payroll taxes are only effective until employee pay crosses a certain threshold or “wage base.” Because these limits reset at the beginning of each year, going live in January means you don’t have to import year-to-date payroll data into your new system.



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2. Avoid Double Taxes

Stuck with a professional employer organization (PEO)? It pays to switch in January. Because of the way co-employment works under a PEO, leaving midyear could mean potentially having to double pay certain taxes, like federal unemployment. These obligations reset at the start of the year, saving you the hassle—and expense.




3. Get Employees On Board

When it comes to rolling out HR software, what better time for a reset? Employees feel refreshed, more accepting of change, and eager to turn the page on the last twelve months. Capitalize on this wave of energy by giving employees a personal, engaging HR platform that boosts both performance and culture.



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4. Stay Ahead of ACA Reporting

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) is here to stay. Don’t start the new year without a system that can process your ACA reports. Getting the ball rolling sooner rather than later is critical, especially since you’ll need time to gather benefits documentation from your current broker or system.



5. Set Company Goals for 2020

No matter your company’s approach to goal setting, the new year is a natural time to set new targets and set employees up for success. Whether you use cascading goals, OKRs, KPIs, or all of the above, start 2020 with a performance tool that meets your business’ needs.


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Making the switch isn’t as daunting as it seems. Whether your team is gearing up to purchase new software or you’re stuck daydreaming about when your current contract ends, our Guide to Evaluating HR Software will help you find the technology partner your company needs. 


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