The First 100 Days:

How The Biden Administration’s Policies Impact Your Business 


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Are You Prepared?

President Joe Biden’s first three months in office have signaled a shift in tone and priorities. As we approach the President’s 100th day in office on April 30, 2021, it’s critical for businesses to understand the impact of the administration’s policies and regulations on the payroll, compliance, and benefits landscape. 

What legislation is already in place, and how does it affect employers? What should businesses be aware of when it comes to managing their payroll, benefits, and compliance? What other changes are coming, and how can we properly prepare for them? 

Watch our recorded webinar with Namely experts, Emmett Swan, Sr. Manager, Payroll Compliance, Jorge De La Nuez, VP, Payroll, Tax, & Compliance, and Vin Di Donna, National Practice Lead, Benefits Consulting, to learn more about what this presidency means for your business. 

Attend this webinar to learn:

  • New and current payroll, benefits & compliance legislation, including the ARPA, FFCRA, PPP, CARES Act, CAA, and more
  • Steps you need to take to stay compliant with the administration’s legislation
  • What legislation is potentially in the docket and how it could affect your business 



Emmett Swan 

Sr. Manager, Payroll & Compliance

Jorge De La Nuez-1

Jorge De La Nuez

VP, Payroll, Tax, & Compliance


Vin DiDonna

National Practice Lead, Benefits Consulting

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