Finally, HR Software That's Flexible, Unifying, and Personal


Here’s why other media companies love Namely:

Flexible and Modern

You have a diverse set of employees with different needs. Namely’s flexible software allows you to configure your onboarding, performance templates, and security roles by teams and by employee.

Configurable Organizational Structures

Your team hierarchies can be complicated, but your HR processes don’t need to be. Customizable organizational structures make reporting and tracking easy within Namely.

Make Business Decisions Based on the Numbers

From attrition to pay equity, Namely Analytics provides all the reports you need to stay updated on the core of your business—your people.

Connect Your employees with Namely's Employee Onboarding Software

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Modern HR Software That Connects and Engages Your Workforce

Namely helps companies like yours manage all their HR needs in one beautiful, intuitive
platform used by everyone, every day.

Onboarding with eSignature

Paperless and self-serve, so employees can dive in on their first day.


Manage goals from the company-level down to every employee.


Create custom reviews that fit your talent management.

Mobile App

Mobile capabilites allow employees to stay engaged anywhere, anytime.


Analyze employee data on diversity, equity, and more.


Configurable processes no matter how unique or complex your workforce.


Recognize great work in the feed, and access appreciation during reviews.

Global Scalability

Global HRIS for your global workforce.


Let your creative culture shine with a customizeable login page to highlight the best of your organization.



Director, of Human Resources at Archer Malmo


“Having all hr, payroll and benefits information in one place, accessible for reporting and analyzing has made a world of difference. We once had to build out data from an archaic report from payroll. Not only does Namely save time, but better decisions can be made (and made faster) around benefits and all sorts of human-centric things.”

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