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Product Webinar June 21st, 2022 (2)-1

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Welcome to the Namely Talent Management Tour!

Discover how our powerful and intuitive platform can revolutionize your talent management processes. With Namely, you can streamline your HR workflows, engage your employees, and drive organizational success 

On this tour, you will see:

  • ✔️Continuous Goal Collaboration: Foster alignment and accountability by setting and monitoring clear and actionable goals at every level. Track individual and team progress with goal tagging, status updates, and tasks.

  • ✔️ Real-time Feedback and Recognition: Empower managers to provide continuous feedback and accolades to keep employees engaged and motivated throughout the year. Create a culture of appreciation with features like newsfeed appreciation and Slack integration. 

✔️Intuitive Performance Reviews: Simplify performance reviews with our comprehensive 360-degree view tool. Build customized performance templates, conduct self-evaluations, and gather constructive feedback from managers and peers.

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